Tuesday | July 23, 2019


There’s not much that could make us want to wake up early on a Friday morning–but this time around, we found ourselves a little too eager to step out of the house.

You see, ever since we heard about The Fairmont Friday Brunch taking place at CuiScene, we've been planning our whole day around it–after all, a “picture-perfect brunch” with pool access right here in the capital?!

We simply knew we had to get to the bottom of it.

So, as we made our way over to Fairmont Bab Al Bahr on a lovely Friday afternoon, we couldn’t quite contain our excitement–one look at the beautiful hotel was enough to make us want to whip out our phones and snap away.

A few selfies later, we decided to finally take a look around the buffet table at CuiScene. While we’ve been to many Friday brunches before, this one immediately felt different.

With an impressive selection of dishes (there are over 200 of them!) and live cooking stations dotted across the eatery, we had a hard time figuring out where to start–everything looked just that good!

How could it not?! Having come straight out of the kitchens of three of the best restaurants in the hotel–Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill, Frankie’s and of course, CuiScene–it’s safe to say that we were left spoiled for choice.

If the massive food spread (featuring all types of cuisines) doesn’t get your attention at this four-hour long brunch, the taste most definitely will. From freshly-made pasta to kebabs, you’ll pretty much find everything under one roof.

It would be unfair not to make a mention of the delicious seafood selection as well–we simply loved the grilled lobster and would highly recommend it.

We're also big fans of their recent initiative to feed stray cats and dogs–leftovers from the brunch are minced and distributed at a local 'pet hotel' and vet clinic called Cloud 9.

Would we come back here?! Absolutely. Not only did we have a delightful time at the gorgeous restaurant, but judging by the number of pictures we ended up taking at the brunch–we’d go on to say that it truly was a “picture-perfect” brunch.

Packages start from AED 249. For more information or reservations, call up 02-654 3238

Article published: 23rd July, 2019


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