Friday Luau Tiki BBQ

Friday Luau Tiki BBQ

Friday, 23 March 2018
Event Info
#BBQ BRUNCH at @PacificoTiki
Unlimited BBQ, salads and desserts + unlimited flow starting from only AED 155! Meat variety, salmon, vegetables...
Enjoy our amazing views & tropical vibes! Also, if you love sunsets we have after-brunch packages from 4 pm - 8 pm!
Venue Details

At Pacifico Tiki, immerse yourself in a captivating Polynesian dining and lounge experience, perched on stilts above the waters of Al Bandar Marina. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic island pleasures, Tiki creates a haven of relaxation, offering the perfect setting to escape the bustling pace of life.


Discover a sanctuary to witness Abu Dhabi's breathtaking sunsets, all from the comfort of your dining table. Tiki presents an array of engaging weekly programs, featuring enticing ladies' nights and nightly culinary indulgences. Among our famed events, the vibrant "Hola Cuba" night stands out, where the venue comes alive with Cuban energy. Ladies relish in a night of free-flowing delights alongside a complimentary, artfully crafted daily mix.

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