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Blue Marlin Uberhaus December 14,2017

Blue Marlin Uberhaus December 14,2017
We’re back to give you something to dance to and we’re bringing one of electronic music's most notorious selectors...Mr Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler// https://soundcloud.com/sethtroxler
Seth was placed on earth as a weeping fetus, the sound of inevitability. As he grew, his ancestral roots took on a magnetic channeling power, more than his feeble mind could ever consciously fathom. As a result, he became capable of creating some of the world's finest and most intuitive dance cuts.

Lil Louis Official Fan Page// https://soundcloud.com/lillouisofficial
Louis was the first in Chicago to regularly play Disco. A feat that earned him awe and ire. Subsequently, he was fired from every club he worked at during the first years of his career. At 16, Louis decided to venture into entrepreneurship and opened the first of many of his successful Chicago gigs. Over time his uniquely mastered art of DJing in which he told a musical story, grew ‘record’ historic crowds. In 1977, Louis organized the world’s first “Rave.”

Nesta / Technophile
Frederick Stone

Ticket information: Soon. 

For info & reservations: +971 56 113 3400


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