Thursday | November 09, 2017

Top 10 regrets the morning after. The same. Each time.

Top 10 regrets the morning after. The same. Each time.
That's it. The time has come to emerge. You are still in a brain dead state. Your eyes are vaguely stuck. Your green skin. Your body is formless. What's left of your hair is soaked with ashes and disgrace. In short, you are in this zone of lawlessness between life and death. But the worst torture is to list progressively all your regrets of evening.
1. This last drink that you shouldn’t have drunk.
This is clearly the drop of water that has overflowed the mud of your honor.
2. This last bottle that you shouldn’t have opened.
It was the logical consequence of that last drink that you have already drunk while you should not have drunk it.
3. This last cigarette that you shouldn’t have smoked.
Will your throat recover one day?
4. This last pack of cigarettes that you shouldn’t have smoked.
Will your life ever recover?
5. That crazy secret that you shouldn’t have confided to who you do not remember.
Your problem is that once armed with a last cigarette and a last glass of bad quality, everything is immediately more voluble and you lose your ability to filter your thoughts and especially your words. It only remains to wait to discover what you have been able to say and to whom.
6. Those drinks that you shouldn’t have paid for.
Especially by announcing first of all that you did not have enough money to leave your home. There's a nice thing about alcohol, it's always makes it really richer than we are.
7. This makeup that you should have removed before getting back home.
Because your cushion has a print of your mouth frankly not shiny.
8. Your phone number that you shouldn’t have given to this doubtful person.
Because this text message received this morning is not pleasant and is on the verge of making you afraid "Hi Princess, touched by everything you told me last night, cannot wait to see you again as we said".
10. These text messages that shouldn’t have sent
To your ex, to your boss, to your mother and your landlord. Everyone is there and waiting for you to be fired from your apartment, from your work and your family very shortly.

9. This snap shot sent to all your friends
A little regret for you but a great regret for others.


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