Tuesday | November 07, 2017

Circoloco At Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Circoloco At Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE
From the shores of Ibiza to the golden oasis that is Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, the worldwide clubbing phenomenon Circoloco is back to turn the party volume up to the maximum for the most anticipated Formula 1 Weekend, kicking off on Friday, November 24th.
Ibiza was the birthplace of Circoloco in the late 90’s, starting a cultural and clubbing revolution that expanded to what it is today, a global party brand holding multiple residencies in key locations around the world. The UAE got a taste of it last year and a repeat was inevitable, with this year’s solid DJ lineup, a revamped venue, and a whole new attitude promising to elevate the experience at par with the prestige of the racing event.

The Balearic beach club vibe and the Circoloco torch will be carried on by the electronic music’s greats spinning from mid-day to the wee hours of the morning. UK based duo Solardo known for their unique warm and high-energy sound releasing hits like ‘New Jam’ which became Ibiza’s summer anthem in 2015 is set to bring their multi genre sound to the UAE. Back to back acts Rampa and &ME follows and are expected to whip out equally complex tracks born out of this match made in heaven musical marriage. Rampa who has been working rigorously behind the scenes mixing music and producing analogue effects for fellow DJs, has been very selective with his bookings, but with Circoloco a gig he dares not to miss. Joining him is &ME, the talented producer who quickly rose to the top with his unique blend of soulful house and techno music recognized internationally. Rounding up this stellar lineup is Loco Dice, the veteran who had a 10-year residency in his hometown of Düsseldorf and a 4-year stint in DC- 10 in Ibiza, will be dropping his signature beats reflected by his delicate sense for sound underpinned by solid, physical grooves inspired by hip hop that was his early sonic stomping ground in the mid to late ‘90s.

An epic experience awaits those who dare to step into the Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE wonderland this Formula 1 weekend. The race is on for sun worshippers, trance music hippies, and the flower children of the UAE and beyond to catch this phenomenal dance party saga happening only at the UAE’s original Balearic beach club destination.


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